facade architecture

The facade of a building represents its most expressive element as it is the ideal place to project the specific character of the structure. Ambre brings you an Architects Approach in treating facade as an integral part of the building plan with multiple choices to choose from. Be it in Metal or Fabric Architectural domain.

Metal Architectural Facades by Ambre brings you the most dynamic and sophisticated solutions that meet current trends through varied design innovations. Be it Perforated Cladding or Corrugated Honey Comb panels that are exquisite in nature or the Copper Cladding comes with polished or anodized finishes and conveys a strong presence of its bold and uniqueness. Standard Aluminum Louvers which have become the trend in vogue are available in Multi-functional and static ranges to suit different needs.

Fabric Architecture on the other hand is an fast acceptable option for varied requirements of Building Architecture that demands high transparency and vivid colour choices with unlimited freedom of design and shapes. Adding to this sophisticated fa├žade is the option to get he digital printing as per choice.