application of tensile structure

Public utilities infrastructure

Locations dedicated to and frequented by the members of the public are constantly on the rise. Increase in population and inexorable economic development are concomitant for better infrastructure. Tensile Structures serve as the perfect and more reliable alternative for the contemporary architectural structures. Parks, Leisure Centers, Civic and Community Centers, Public Transportation facilities such as Bus & Train Stations, Airports are few of the public places where Tensile Structures are widely used.

Indoor and Outdoor Stadiums

The usage of Tensile Architecture has penetrated even the glitzy world of sports. Massive stadiums that hosts popular sports such as Tennis, Cricket and more recently Football have begun erecting Tensile Structures as a shade for the spectators, entrance tunnel for the players and even as a overhead cover of the entire stadium. Even sports that are predominantly played indoors such as Badminton, Squash etc had specific use of Tensile Structures.

Educational Centers

As it is imperative and a basic requirement for Schools and Universities to provide proper shelter and comfort for their students, Tensile Architecture gives an affordable as well as easy to install choice of structures that are at par in quality and usability. Places such as student’s sports areas, assembly centers, outdoor conference centers etc. can all be covered with Tensile Structures.

Retail & Entertainment

Tensile Structures are widely used in Retail & Entertainment, such as Malls, Supermarkets and Entertainment & Leisure Centers such as Cinema halls etc. They serve various purposes for the discerning onlookers such as enthralling with a grandiose atmosphere, maintaining constant temperature, offering an overall customer satisfaction etc.

Building Elevation & Atriums

Multi-storey buildings that require thermal insulations or other such weather proof exteriors, elaborate car parking areas, indoor sports centers, gymnasium, external lobbies can all be covered using Tensile Structures. An Atrium is the large open space confined within a tall building. Such spaces if required can be covered in its entirety or at a specific location using specially designed Tensile Structures.

Parking, Walkways and Entrance

Walkways are specially designed structures used to create shades in front of bungalows, restaurants, malls and various other conventional centers. Gazebos, Entrance Canopies offer both aesthetically pleasing and financially affordable structural overhead panels. These panels are used as an overhead shed for residence or as a cover for parking lot in IT parks and corporate. Tensile Structures used for such purposes are pre-engineered structures combined with flexible design that can take any required shape and form.

Convention & Exhibition centers

Exhibition centers are predominantly used for public gatherings for specific purposes such as music festivals, carnivals, sports villages etc. Such centers mostly require makeshift structures that can be used in an ad-hoc manner. The tensile structure used is preferably simple facilitating ease of installation and dismantling as well as for its transportation. Convention centers are used for events such as career fairs, expos, trade shows etc, though its usage is generic and the structure could be a one-time permanent installment.

Warehouse and Storage facilities

Tensile Structures are used in Warehouses mainly permanent storage facilities, temporary transition structures that are deemed necessary for makeshift storage or to meet additional requirements during peak periods and while relocating of goods. Tensile Structures offers safe and conducive environment for bulk storage of goods such as wood, paper, metals and electronic items. Tensile Structures facilitates complete usage of storage space and allows goods to be evenly stacked.