Ambre engages in providing architectural solutions for both interior and exterior tensile structure installations. We stand out for offering technically proficient architectural solutions along with design and implementation of tensile structures.

All our processes are carried forward with a steadfast approach and are meticulously planned to uphold Ambre’s vision to augment people’s lifestyle through constructing quality, relevant tensile structures. We strive to address key concerns pertaining to tensile architectures by means of providing highly reliable and unique designs.  

Ambre is the brainchild of Apollo Interior Solutions (AIS), an eminent company offering wide range of solutions for internal and external segments operating from Chennai. With over 12 representatives across India, Ambre is creating a revolution in the field of tensile architecture across the country. Incorporating stringent quality adhering measures, having an eye for innovation and offering customized structures forms the crux of Ambre’s principles.

Since its inception Ambre has made conscious effort in being ahead of the curve through finding and procuring the best and latest products from around the world, thus keeping abreast of the ever changing demands of the market. This provides the required leverage in fulfilling Ambre’s vision to serve the country by providing world-class infrastructure.